by michaelzaletel

One of our FAST CAMERA users in Germany sent us an interesting email last night…

Apparently they sent a weather balloon into space with an iPhone 4S attached running our Fast Camera app in timer interval mode (one pic every 30 seconds). The iPhone 4S shut down in space due to the extreme cold but fortunately they were able to recover the device and retrieve all of the photos! They are putting together a time-lapse video of the entire sequence using our video export feature.

From Daniel Waadt:
“Today we sent a weather ballon with an iPhone 4S to space… to take pictures from space with your App Fast Camera. I spent 5 months developing the weather-ballon-project. Finally we found our iPhone and the experiment was a success. Attached two pictures from space, did by YOUR APP!!!! GREAT! If you want you can use this picture for promoting your app.”

I totally would have strapped my iPhone to a bunch of helium balloons when I was a kid if this was possible back then.