Creating a billion jobs?

by michaelzaletel

Technological advancements in every field continue to erode jobs from our world and local economies.

At the same time, improvements in health care and pharmaceutical science will undoubtedly increase life expectancy, increase the birth rate and decrease the death rate worldwide.

These simultaneous trends will put the human race on a crash course with economic disaster if we cannot invent products, services and entire industries that create more jobs than they eliminate.

An open challenge to the best minds among us. Invent, create, innovate and inspire at the highest level while creating a net-positive number of jobs.

Humanity expends a great deal of effort in avoiding war, curing disease, reducing fatalities in accidents and natural disasters, increasing the birth rate and extending life expectancy. Let’s make sure our efforts are not in vain by making sure our world can support everyone we are trying to save.