Paperless iPhone Office On-The-Go!

by michaelzaletel

List of iPhone Apps needed for a completely paperless office on-the-go!

1. SignNow
2. PDF to Image
3. eFax
4. Genius Scan+

I needed to fill out and sign a PDF form today and fax it to another country. I didn’t have a printer or fax machine available. Only my iPhone 4S. I used SignNow to import the PDF from my email using “Open-In” and then inserted text and signature then emailed that to myself.

PDF to Image
I use eFax app for iPhone to send Faxes which does not allow PDF attachments so I was looking for an app that would convert a PDF in my email to an image (TIFF or PNG) at high resolution and then attach to an eFax and send a fax from my iPhone.

Combine this with Sign Now and I can fill out and sign a PDF form, email to myself from SignNow, then open that PDF from my email via tap-hold “Open-In”, convert to PNG at 200% for better text quality, save to my Camera Roll then attach as a photo to an eFax and fax to a fax machine. Only bug is the PDF doesn’t show when you open-in from email. You have to force quit the app and relaunch to see it.

eFax App:
Good, simple app and service. They just need to add PDF “Open-In” from email support for PDF attachments. Easy to fill out cover sheet and attach PDF’s converted to images using PDF to Image (above). Shows sent faxed and received faxes and sends push notification when new fax received.

Genius Scan:
This app fills in the paperless blanks by providing an iPhone alternative to the awesome ScanSnap Office Document Scanner. Just take a picture of each page and build a PDF document. It handles edge detection, cropping, skewing and contrast conversion very well. Combine this with SignNow and you can forward around to have several people sign a document.