Riding out the storm…

by michaelzaletel

Tropical storm Issac is bearing down on Puerto Rico today. My kids’ schools are closed, Internet overloaded.

We have no guarantees in life that everything will always work out fine. Even the best among us have suffered undue tragedy without warning.

Some will take out more insurance, others will take the first flight out but clearly that is not reasonable or possible for everyone.

Honor is found in riding out the storms with the rest of humanity, helping where you can, praying for mercy and, most of all, keeping a good attitude thru it all.

I read a LinkedIN post yesterday that said “You are no greater than the things that annoy you”. How will we handle the next storm, the next setback, the next downturn?

Work as hard and as smart as you can but then be willing to leave it all on the field come what may. Don’t criticize yourself or allow depression to set in if things don’t go your way. You will be defined not by how lucky you were to avoid difficult situations but by how gracefully you rode out the storms.