When your product is early…

by michaelzaletel

I realized something today products and services that are ahead of their time. You can try and try to explain your vision until you’re blue in the face. If consumers aren’t ready for your product, investors, suppliers and employees won’t likely be either.

There’s a better way… Find something minor about your revolutionary (game-chamging) product or service that consumers DO readily understand and desire. Then make everyone think that is all you have. Pretend you’re that shallow, that shortsighted. Rile up the vendors, investors and employees around something simple and cool everyone can understand, then a year later when everyone asks you (What’s next boss?) You share a little more of your original vision early enough to be first to market but not so early you die of thirst waiting for everyone to get your point.

Inventors often get so caught up in the invention process, they forget to stop and go to market when they’ve already solved a big problem everyone would pay for today.